One month anniversary of the Sandy Hook Shooting.

from a Senior Union Member

Today marks 1 month since the Sandy Hook shooting. Today is a day to remember the 20 children and 6 adults killed, because they must not be forgotten. Shootings, in schools and otherwise, have become far too common lately. But with their commonality cannot come acceptance. Their commonness should enrage and sadden us and make us speak up. In honor and memory of those innocent lives, we need to speak up so they will not be forgotten and so we can create change.

It should not have taken such an awful and terrible event to start the conversation but now that it has we cannot allow it to stop. People can point to gun control, school security, mental health, etc and these are all important and valid issues in their own right. What I believe needs to happen is a dialogue. These issues need to be discussed and who better to create this dialogue than the people who know schools best: teachers, students and administrators. If these people could come together and listen to each other’s ideas then we could have the power to create some change.

It is so vital for students to be contributing and helping start this conversation. As a fellow student, I believe every child has a right to feel safe in their school. After the events of last month I think a lot of kids, teachers and parents questioned how they felt about being in or sending their child to school. It is a terrible thing for students to feel unsafe in a place where they are supposed to be learning and growing. This is where we spend our time 5 days a week, around 9 months out of the year. And as a student, arming teachers or having guards or even locking more doors does not make me feel safe. I cannot propose a solution but I can propose starting the discussion in your school or community. I can choose to not be silent and I hope you do too. More voices equal more ideas and together we can work to prevent other tragedies and make our schools safe again.

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