Week of Action + Jefferson High School Walkout!


Tomorrow, January 10th at 12:15pm students from Jefferson High School will be walking out of class in support of our teachers, and to be part in a greater fight for educational justice. Students will walk out the main entrance that lead out to the football field. The Portland Association of Teachers (PAT) is currently facing a difficult bargain with Portland Public Schools (PPS), and we fear that teachers will be faced with the decision to either accept the unacceptable, or strike. We hope this walkout puts pressure on the district to settle a fair contract with the PAT without a strike. “Not only will we be walking out in support of our teachers, we’ll be walking out to reclaim our school” says Sophomore Mikey Garcia. “Jefferson is too frequently demonized by the community and thought of as “failing”, we want to walkout on that reputation and let Portland know that we are done being silent.”

Wilson High School will also be having a smaller rally beginning at 11:40am. Students will meet at the intersection of SW Sunset Blvd and Capitol Hwy to rally in support of the PAT and “The Schools Portland Students Deserve”.

These events are leading up to a greater “Pack the School Board” Action for Monday, January 13th at the PPS School Board Meeting. Students and community members will meet outside the Blanchard Education Service Center (BESC) at 5:30pm and enter the meeting at 6pm. We hope to encourage the School Board to keep talking with teachers until we settle a fair contract. We do not want the contract imposed on teachers, and we do not want a strike.

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