The Schools Portland Students Demand

“[Too many political leaders] are saying that we students are the future, but then are setting us up to fail. We want to be as great as we can be. We want to be the generation that changes things, that makes this a better world. But we can’t do that if they aren’t letting us…They’re not giving us what we need to be great.” Said Jefferson student Anna Robertson in support of the PAT’s contract.


Photo by Bette Lee

Tonight at the school board meeting, the Portland Student Union presented “The Schools Portland Students Demand”. This list was compiled by Portland students and outlines what we believe will make our educational experience the most enriching and successful.

1. Class sizes less than 20

2. Proper funding of the arts

3. More time with guidance counselors

4. Student-teacher collaboration in building curriculum

5. Rich, relevant curriculum – not common core

6. Democratic process in the allocation of funds

7. Restorative justice – not suspensions and expulsions

8. Funding for wrap-around programs

9. Support for all teachers

10. No School Closures

For us to reach our goals, an immediate agreement with the PAT and “The Student Focused Proposal” is necessary.

Here you can find recordings of our mic checks, where Steve Buel also gives a great speech: Portland Student Union Mic Checks

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