Five Point Program

Affirmed by the General Branch of the Union, we want,

The Prioritization Education Spending

Immediate Repeal of Measure 5 and 11

  • End existing Caps on Property Taxes
  • Community Control and allocation over School Funds
  • No Youth Behind Bars. End minimum sentencing for Youth tried as adults. We want Less Prisons and More Schools.

An all-inclusive democracy of students, parents, teachers and other educators to control their own work and education.

  • Student – Worker Councils devising curriculum and running the school day collectively.  Directly Democratic, Non Hierarchical and Nondiscriminatory. The Student Unions are such councils in the making.

The Emphasizing of a holistic educational structure and evaluation, while De-emphasizing standardized testing.

  • Immediate Repeal of Senate Bill  290
  • Implementation of a flexible curriculum in classroom, De-emphasizing textbook work for hands on work i.e. learning by doing.
  • De-emphasize College as the only gateway to success, refocusing of Public education as a developing point in life, particularly in High School.
  • We want good schools and teachers. We want an evaluation system that really speaks to a teacher’s potentials and habits: good and bad. To this we suggest a system of student-parent and other involved educators coming together in evaluation, rather than abstract testing.

Creation of Equal Opportunity in Schools

  • Elimination of artificial prejudices and distinctions in Gender and Race.
  • Creation of Gender Neutral Bathrooms
  • Recognition of the material realities – namely poverty – effecting educational performance and their relationship to race.
  • We want an expansion of support systems for students struggling in class, mid-level Classes for student with satisfactory performance and opportunities for students exceeding in their performance to continue. Allocation of greater resources to poorer performing schools.

  The creation of a positive image of youth and a support system for youth at risk (from bullying, discrimination, family, jail, etc.)

  • Reversal of renown cultural image of youth as careless, ignorant and reckless.
  • Creation of a culture of acceptance and cooperation over social competition in schools.
  • Immediate creation of Preventive Institutions for those at risk of Mental Health issues.

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