A Moment of Clarity:

Student Union:

An inclusive organization of Students with a common purpose of defending living conditions within a particular school district, pushing a political agenda as a collective.


A campus based organization representing a single school.

General Assembly:

A mass inclusive meeting covering a broad range of topics with unlimited potentiality.

Student Delegate Council:

A body of student delegates elected by individual student branches. One School, One Delegate.

Working Group:

A body of individuals tasked with completing a certain task by a General Assembly or Student Delegate Council.


A grouping of individuals around a common purpose to resolve or discuss a particular issue.


Standardized Testing Commitee

Committee Against the Criminalization of Youth

Student Outreach Committee


Key to the idea of a Student Union are the principles of Autonomy, Solidarity, Empowerment, Equality and Collective Responsibility. Meaning that, while individuals and student union branches are all equal in power and ought to be able to freely develop themselves as much as possible, we have an obligation to the collective of individuals and branches to respect and come to the aid of others to pursue that right. For this reason, we oppose all forms of discrimination – whether in race, sex, age or otherwise – oppression and hierarchy structures. We operate under a Directly Democratic model, with elected student delegates acting as only surrogates to larger bodies of people. They are directly accountable to their constituency and can be instantly recalled by a democratic process if they act out of line from that constituency.


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