PAT Solidarity Rally at Cleveland High

Here is the information regarding our upcoming rally at Cleveland High School. This rally is to show support for our teachers in their attempt to fight for “The Schools Portland Students Deserve”. All students and faculty are welcome and encouraged to come.


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2013 Portland Student Union Convention

PSU Convention Info

Here is the information for our second annual student union convention! We can give rides to students who need them, and there will be childcare available. For scheduling of either of these things, or any questions or concerns, please e-mail Hope to see you all there!

RSVP to the event here.
Attached information here.

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Tell us your story!

We’re are compiling first hand accounts of students who have taken the Oaks Tests to present to Oregon legislators and district leaders tasked the with duty of representing us. Let us send a strong message that these tests are a waste of time, resources and are completely divorced from everyday academia. Please fill out this form!!

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Addressing the concerns and frequently asked questions of the Standardized Testing Boycott.

Q: Will Opting Out lower school funding?
A: Short answers, no it will not. State testing is simply for evaluation purposes, the result of opting out will place a “In need of improvement” tag onto the school. Frankly, we know our schools are in need of improvement, they are riddled with archaic evaluation systems and lack the proper funding for students to receive a quality education, we don’t need a test to tell us this.

Q: Can my child/children graduate if they Opt Out?
A: Yes students can still graduate. Passing scores on the Reading, Math, and Writing tests are required for graduation. If students opt-out, students will need to prove proficiency in an alternative way for these tests. This is the list of alternative options! Students are also suppose to take the Science test, however, they do not need to prove proficiency on the Science test to graduate. With that said, we recommend everyone opt-out of the science test, especially if you want to participate in the protest but are concerned about graduating.

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PPS & Portland Student Unions urge students to boycott Standardized Testing.

The PPS and Portland Student Unions will be teaming up in organizing an Opt-Out Campaign in which students are encouraged to opt-out of taking their standardized OAKS tests. The Student Unions want to send a strong message against to the standardized testing system as we believe that standardized tests scores are an inaccurate depiction of a student’s knowledge, have an extremely high correlation to a student’s family’s income, have a high correlation with race, are expensive, and in all are taking up class time that we could use learning things that are more applicable to our lives, as well as be developing better relationships with our teachers and peers.

The goal of the campaign is the send a strong message to Governor Kitzhaber, the Oregon legislature, Dr. Rudy Crew and the Oregon Department of Education about the importance of not standardizing our education system. “We need more community based schools and better relationships between students, teachers, parents, and administrators. Schools should not be being evaluated based on student’s standardized test scores, but rather a 360 portfolio evaluation which includes feedback from people who are directly involved with the school. A test score cannot give someone the same insight to a school as a discussion with students, teachers, and parents can.” says Lincoln Senior Alexia Garcia. “The ideal solution would be to eliminate high stakes standardized testing and replace it with a more comprehensive evaluation system developed by the community.”

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One month anniversary of the Sandy Hook Shooting.

from a Senior Union Member

Today marks 1 month since the Sandy Hook shooting. Today is a day to remember the 20 children and 6 adults killed, because they must not be forgotten. Shootings, in schools and otherwise, have become far too common lately. But with their commonality cannot come acceptance. Their commonness should enrage and sadden us and make us speak up. In honor and memory of those innocent lives, we need to speak up so they will not be forgotten and so we can create change.

It should not have taken such an awful and terrible event to start the conversation but now that it has we cannot allow it to stop. People can point to gun control, school security, mental health, etc and these are all important and valid issues in their own right. What I believe needs to happen is a dialogue. These issues need to be discussed and who better to create this dialogue than the people who know schools best: teachers, students and administrators. If these people could come together and listen to each other’s ideas then we could have the power to create some change.

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Student Union’s Statement Regarding N3 and Police Brutality

November 5th, 2012

On Saturday, November 3rd more than four different high school student groups took to the streets of East Portland in order to demand an end to the austerity measures that have crippled our entire educational careers. Done in conjunction with members from several labor, community, and activist organizations, this demonstration was peaceful in nature.  As our march reached the intersection of NE 14th and Halsey, many high school students – some as young as fifteen years old – were pepper sprayed repeatedly at point blank range by multiple police officers. Ten youths bared the direct brunt of this attack from officers, while many more received the after effects of these attacks due to their proximity to the police.

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